Watch and interact with Australian and international experts on cross-cultural psychology.

This one day online conference aims to explore and educate the impact of culture and the migrant experience on the human psyche – both for the individual, and collectively amongst members of the identified cultural family and community.

Today’s developed societies are multifaceted and multicultural, granting us the opportunity to communicate and relate across cultures.  However, obstacles are also met in the form of miscommunication, negative bias and in some cases, persecution. This highlights the necessity of cultural awareness and competency, especially within the field of psychology.

In order to be an effective psychologist in our increasingly multicultural society, we need to be able to work ‘transculturally’ with a view to reaching a mutual understanding of each other’s world views.

Understanding cultural similarities and difference is essential to good psychological assessment, treatment and therapy.

When Phineas Gage lost his ability to plan for the future after injury to his medial prefrontal cortex, it helped inform psychologists how healthy minds are able to forecast future events. In that same vein, understanding how different cultural groups do or do not show the same psychology and behaviour under different social and cultural conditions helps inform psychologists how our minds work.

Over 10 speakers + All sessions are recorded for viewing afterwards + Interact and meet with other attendees

This online conference will cover important themes:

  1. How does culture impact on psychological approach/assessment
  2. Impact of torture and trauma on migrant experience
  3. MHiMA: Mission, Past achievements, Future strategy and directions
  4. Mental health interventions for CALD groups
  5. Promoting cultural competency in mental health professionals

About the Organiser

Dr Judy Tang

Dr Judy Tang

Judy is a neuropsychologist who has worked Australia wide in providing cognitive assessments and strategies for CALD, Indigenous groups, as well as for new migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. She has worked with various government and community organisations, and is a committee member of the APS Psychology & Culture Interest Group.

She has previously provided workshops for the APS Institute in the area of Neuropsychology and working with CALD groups, and is the Vice-President of the Australian GLBTIQ Multicultural Council (AGMC Inc). Judy is passionate about knowledge sharing for cultural awareness and competency.

To assist in promoting cultural competency, all profits will be donated to the APS Psychology & Culture Interest Group (PCIG).

FAQs about the conference

Where does the conference take place? Over the Internet. Participate access the virtual meeting room from any location — all that is required is a computer with Internet connection.

What is a virtual conference? The Psychology and Culture conference is just like a physical conference — registered participants can access all presentations, ask pressing questions, and connect with speakers and fellow participants.

I couldn’t participate in the live conference. Can I access the recordings somehow? Yes, all the sessions will be recorded. So as long as you have registered, you will be able to access all sessions after the conference and for the following 6 months.