Virtual Conference Agenda

Saturday 18th June 2016, 9am to 6pm

Please note that speaker’s time and topic changes may occur.

Morning Session 1

9.00amOpening and WelcomeJasmine SligerWelcome to Psychology and Culture online conference
Trisha Carter
Cultural Intelligence (CQ)
9.30amPresentionKelleigh Ryan
Working with ATSI Australians: psychological considerations
9.50amPresentionDr Stephane Shepard
Criminal Engagement and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Populations: Challenges and Implications for Forensic Risk Assessment
10.20amBreak and Q&A

Morning Session 2

PresentionDr Julie Robinson
Impact of the refugee experience in settlement for children 
PresentionDr Erminia ColucciIn or out? Barriers and facilitators to refugee-background young people accessing mental health services.
PresentionDr Karen TeshuvaProviding aged care for survivors of earlier-life experiences of torture and trauma
PresentionDr Wendy LiRefugee Mental Health in Australia
Lunch and Water Cooler Chats